Inventory sampling with GESTIN

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Learn how Ofa-Bamberg was able to reduce the inventory effort from 350 to less than 35 man-hours. Operate safely, with the certified software for inventory sampling.

Operate safely with the certified software for inventory sampling.

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Petra Begerow
Head of Controlling

“The savings in time and ultimately also in costs for counting and processing the inventory data are enormous. For a full inventory, we would currently need about 350 man-hours. With the inventory sampling via GESTIN, we are done with the inventory in less than a tenth of the time. In addition, there are no long input and processing procedures. This means we can be ready to deliver again within a very short time.
With ClassiX, we have reliable software with fast and friendly support at our side.”

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Inventory sampling


Johannes Winkler
Business Consulting

“We were urgently looking for a solution to drastically reduce our inventory effort.

So far, we have needed 225,650 counting items for our inventory:

  • 1.5 weeks for the preparation of the inventory
  • 5 days + 30 persons for the count during the inventory
  • Production stop for a full 5 days

Thanks to the competent advice and the uncomplicated implementation of the sampling software GESTIN in our existing ERP system, we successfully completed our inventory in only 0.5 days with 2 people, including the final report for the auditor. In addition, thanks to the software, we were able to carry out our inventory parallel to our daily business and completely avoid warehouse closures.

In the future, we will switch to the inventory software GESTIN of classix Software GmbH in all our locations.”

Mats Röwekamp

“For 20 years, we have offered the right combination of intelligent purchasing, our own production and optimised process flows to be able to offer the latest designer furniture at particularly favourable prices all year round in our furniture shop in Hamburg and in the web shop.

For us, the optimised processes also included the introduction of a random sample inventory in order to avoid warehouse closures during the inventory and to be able to deliver again quickly.

With classix Software GmbH, we have found a business partner who has convinced us of the cloud use quickly and without complications, from the enquiry to the introduction of the inventory sampling. We have made the right decision and are very happy about the savings potential that the software offers us and the fast and friendly support from classix.”

Clive Allen
Business Performance &
Development Manager
TUI Airline, Engineering & Maintenance

TUI Engineering uses GESTIN from classix Software GmbH for it’s Main Base Annual Inventory Audits

“TUI Engineering, Supply Chain use the GESTIN software from classix for a variety of reasons. Using the classix cloud-based servers and their inhouse expertise, set up and data transfer from our AMOS System was easily established. Although our TUI facility in Hannover had been using a PC based version of the application for several years, we chose to use the full online functionality for our TUI Group solution, which covers all TUI main base stock locations.
Other determining factors for TUI is the independent algorithmic generation of audit sampling, for our Consumable and Expendables Aircraft Maintenance stock. This has been fully endorsed by our Company Auditors in support of our annual inventory valuation.
The use of the online functionality provides TUI with the ability to produce auditable stock lists for online real-time stock takes, in our warehouse environments. Which has improved our efficiency by reducing stock checks from 100% to sample counts and completing our internal Inventory audits in a fraction of the previous time.”

Thomas-Marten Kötke
Managing Director

“With the team from ClassiX Software, we were up and running within a few days to carry out a sample inventory according to recognised mathematical procedures. Advice and support during implementation were excellent. Before, it took us several weeks and a team of about five people to do the inventory to count about 10,000 different stocks. Now, with three people, we were done with the inventory in three days. Inventory has never been so easy and fast!”

Ralf Hensinger
Head of Administration

“Since 2014, we have been using the GESTIN inventory sampling system to comply with legal requirements. Since then, the inventory runs quickly and smoothly. Auditors and tax auditors also welcome the inventory support.
In our company, there are about 16,000 inventory-managed items in stock, which are distributed over about 17,000 storage locations. In total, there are about 76,000 storage locations in our company, all of which would have to be checked.
With the GESTIN inventory sampling system, we were able to massively reduce the counting effort. On the inventory date, we now only count about 350 items. Everyone can imagine what a relief that is.
The support from ClassiX is excellent and the software is so easy to use that after three hours of training everyone knows how the application works.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank ClassiX very much and can recommend GESTIN inventory support to everyone without reservation.”

Thomas Berndt
Quality Manager

“From about 4 days of effort with the conventional full recording, we only had less than 4 hours left thanks to the use of GESTIN – with the same personnel deployment of 6 people. This results in a saving of 168 man-hours for us – a full 87.5 percent of the original effort. At the same time, the blocking time of the warehouse has been minimised. Today, all those involved in the inventory as well as the management are very satisfied with these results.
We had already dealt with the issue of inventory simplification when we came into contact with ClassiX at the end of 2014. After examining solutions from other providers, we finally decided on GESTIN from ClassiX, as it seemed to us to be the easiest to use and the most flexible in terms of adapting to our systems. As it turned out, our decision was the right one.
We have around 16,000 counting positions distributed over 16 Hänel lifts and a high-bay warehouse. The data exchange between Hänel software (inventory), ABAS ERP (value) and the GESTIN inventory software went smoothly during the inventory.”

Edmund Kroll
Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH

“As early as 2002, we had already thought about the inventory sampling. At that time, however, we decided to stick to the full inventory on the cut-off date, with the idea that this was the only way to determine correct stocks. With our 13,000 items, the effort of the full inventory amounted to 100 man-days and the results were often qualitatively insufficient. In 2010, after a new audit and consultation with our auditor, we decided to use the inventory sampling method and the GESTIN software because it was the easiest to use. Thanks to the excellent advice from ClassiX Software GmbH, we were able to use the programme after only half a day’s training. Since then, we have been able to reduce the effort of our inventory by 95% and improve the quality at the same time. We are very satisfied with the new situation.”

Jens Vielhaber
Head of Controlling and Finance

“Our inventory comprises around 17,500 items. More than 10 years ago, we implemented the changeover from permanent inventory to inventory sampling. This enabled us to reduce the time needed to carry out our inventory by about 100 man-days. In addition, we were able to identify and eliminate systemic errors in inventory booking. We were also able to minimise pure counting errors, which in the past were favoured by the monotony of the constantly recurring counting processes. Overall, we have improved the quality of our inventory management and reduced our inventory costs at the same time.”

Uwe Krause
Rheinmetall Automotive AG

“We have been using inventory sampling in the company since the 1980s. In 2014, we carried out the inventory for the first time with the new GESTIN software from ClassiX. We were able to use the new features easily and efficiently after a short familiarisation period. In addition, the support department of ClassiX offers a great service that has always supported us quickly and straightforwardly in all questions. I would like to thank them very much for this. It was the right decision for us to choose ClassiX.”

Alexander Lianos
Hager & Meisinger GmbH

“At Hager & Meisinger we have been using GESTIN for many years. After the first inventory sampling, we realised that the quantity differences shown by the software system were almost without exception the result of incorrect counts during the last full inventories. With GESTIN we now not only save time and money, but also improve the quality of our stocks. We can no longer imagine doing a conventional full inventory as we used to.”

Advantages at a glance

95% less inventory effort

Count only items of value. Check the rest by sampling.

Business process optimisation

Warehouse blocking times during the performance of an inventory can be massively shortened.

Resource commitment

The reduced number of counting items allows inventory to be taken on weekdays with small counting teams.


This inventory procedure can be used to improve the quality of warehousing and increase inventory security.

Cloud solution

GESTIN can be operated as a pure SaaS product in our or completely autonomously in your own intranet.


GESTIN guides the user step-by-step through the inventory.

Legal certainty

Inventory sampling is expressly permitted by the legislator in the HGB and is also permissible in Austria and Switzerland.


The count can be carried out entirely in GESTIN, including the use of browser-enabled terminals for direct recording of count results during counting.


GESTIN is certified by a renowned international auditing company.


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